SURAH 3:42-47;


42. And (remember) when the ANGELS said: ” O Mary! Verily, God has chosen you, purified you (from Polytheism and disbelief), and chosen you above the women of the Alamin(Mankind and jinn) (of her lifetime). “

43. O Mary! ” Submit yourself with obedience to your Lord (Allah, by worshipping none but Him Alone) and prostrate yourself, and bow down along with those who bow down. “

44. This is a part of the news of the Ghaib (unseen, I.e. the news of the past nations of which you have no knowledge) which We reveal to you (O Muhammad). You were not with them, when they cast lots with their pens as to which of them should be charged with the care of Mary; nor were you with them when they disputed.

45. (Remember) when the ANGELS said: ” O Mary! Verily, God gives you the glad tidings of a Word [“Be!” – and he was! I.e, Jesus the son of Mary] from Him, his name will be the Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honour in this world and in the Hereafter, and will be one of those near to God.

46. “He will speak to the people in the cradle and in manhood, and he will be one of the righteous.”

47. She said: O MY LORD! How shall I have a son when no man has touched me.” HE SAID: “So it will be for God creates what He wills. When He has decreed something, He says to it only: ” Be!” – and it is.


SURAH 19:17-21;


17. She placed screen[to screen herself] from them, then we sent our Ruh [angel Gabriel], and he appeared before her in the form of a man IN ALL RESPECTS.

18. She said; ” Verily! I seek refuge with the Most Gracious God from you if you fear God. “

19. The angel said: ” I am only a mesanger from your Lord to announce to you the gift of a righteous son. “

20. She said: ” How can i have a son, when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste? “

21. He said: ” So it will be, your Lord said: That is easy for me God: And We wish to appoint him as a sign to mankind and a mercy from us and it is a matter already decreed by God. “


It is only appropriate for me to first quote out the chapters and verses of the Quran in question before identifying the supposed contradiction in it.
The contradiction between the Surah 3:42-47 and Surah 19:17-21 as percieved basically by the Christain brothers falls on the plurality and singularity of the word ” Angel ” as used in the individual stated chapters of the Quran above. They say that while Surah 19:17-21 talked about ONLY ONE ANGEL delivering the good news of a son to Mary, Surah 3:42-47 [Most specifically verse 42 and 45] made use of the plural form i.e. ANGELS [not just one angel as the former said] who came to deliver the good news.
It is true that if anyone who reads the verses given above without critically thinking over it, may easily conclude that that there is indeed a contradiction. But when you reason further with the Word of God, by the will of God, greater understanding shall be given unto you.
Virtually every Islamic article i have been able to have access to all agreed that the stated verses above clearly admits to two{2} different occasions or time in which Mary received the message of the coming Messiah through her. It was not a message given to Mary simultaneously on the same day or time. This is clearly understood when you study closely on the next few verses that immediately follows the supposed contradicting verses of the Quran in relation to the good news of a son.
Verse 48 to 59 of Surah chapter 3 and Verse 22 to 33 of Surah chapter 19, which are the immediate follow-after verses of Surah 3:42-47 and Surah 19:17-21 reveals that while the former explained about the futuristic ADULT life of Jesus and how he would live it to the fulfillment of God’s purpose, the latter talked about the immediate birth of Jesus after Mary recieved the good news of the birth of Jesus, his way of life while he was a child in the cradle, before he approached the adult stage as foretold in the former, i.e. verse 48 to 59 of chapter 3 of the Quran.
In verse 22 to 33 of chapter 19, there was an immediate fulfillment of God’s Word sent to Mary in verse 17-21 of chapter 19. While in verse 48-59 of Chapter 3 was more like a promise to come to pass later in the future in regard to the word of God sent to Mary about the Messiah Jesus as described in verse 42 to 47 of chapter 3.
If we agree to the above explanation, then we should gradually begin to realize that the medium through which Mary received the good news of the son she would give birth to are also different. This brings us into understanding why the singular form[ANGEL] was used in one i.e. Surah 19:17-21 in form of Angel Gabriel which took the appearance of a man in all likeness, and the plural form[ANGELS] which was used in the other, i.e. Surah 3:42-47[Most specifically, verse 42 and 45].
In truth, the Quran never made a mistake to say in surah 3:42 and 45, that Mary was visited by angels and not just one angel as said in surah 19:17-21 which in the latter it was in a different time as already explained above. But these “ANGELS” did not speak in different voices because they were more than one. They spoke in ONE VOICE which obviously was through the mouth of one of the angels who came to visit Mary.
How do i know this?
Now after the angels had relayed God’s message to Mary, Mary then replied in Surah 3:47, ” She said: ‘ O my Lord! How shall i have a son when no man has touched me. ‘ HE SAID: ‘ So it will be for God creates what he wills. When he has decreed something, He says to it only ‘Be!’ – and it is.”
First we hear that it was the ANGELS that gave the glad tidings to Mary. Then when Mary questioned them, then the reply came from a singular identity – ” HE SAID”. This clearly shows that it was just ONE VOICE interacting with Mary. In other words, the thoughts of the ANGELS were related to Mary through one voice. This is why the reply to Mary’s question didn’t go in the manner of; ” WE SAID “ but rather ” HE SAID “.
In Surah 19:17-21, it was written of how just one angel[Angel Gabriel] came to deliver God’s message to Mary. He took the form of a Man in all likeness. This is a another distinct time of visitation for the delivery of God’s message to Mary. This has already been proven from the beginning of this article.

There is something else i would love to add which is actually contrary to popular opinions on the Islamic articles i have had access to. And this is basically on Surah 3:44 which says; ” This is a part of the news of the Ghaib [ Unseen, i.e, THE NEWS OF THE PAST NATIONS OF WHICH YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ] which We reveal to you[O Muhammad] YOU WERE NOT WITH THEM WHEN THEY CAST LOTS WITH THEIR PENS AS TO WHICH OF THEM SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH THE CARE OF MARY, NOR WERE YOU WITH THEM WHEN THEY DISPUTED.
When God told Muhammad that he was not with ” THEM ” when they cast their lots with their pens as to which should be charged with the care of Mary, nor was he with ” THEM ” when they disputed, most of the Islamic writings i have come across concluded that the ” THEM ” was referring to the Angels of God who cast their lots or disputed about who is to care for Mary. In this i disagree or yet to agree until i get a more better conviction than mine i will share now.
The first lines of Surah 3:44 says; ” This is a part of the news of the Ghaib [ Unseen, i.e. THE NEWS OF THE PAST NATIONS OF WHICH YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE “
From the verse given above, i believe that the ” THEM ” is referring to the PEOPLE OF THE PAST NATIONS who cast their lots and disputed about who to care for Mary. Caring for Mary shouldn’t be taken so literally. The word ” CARE ” in this verse means those who had wanted to claim to possess the truth of the status of Mary and what conspired in her world. For it was for this they cast their lots with their PENS and disputed over it.
If we say it was the Angels who cast their lots with pens and disputed, are we saying that God couldn’t give a simple command on whom should receive the position of caring for Mary? God who decreed the word sent to Mary without any dispute, why should he then allow the Angels to dispute over who should care for Mary? The All-knowing Father wouldn’t allow his Angels to dispute over such matter when he can simply decree what he has already known.
In conclusion, it should have become clear that there wasn’t a contradiction between the verses in question as stated from the beginning of this article. They were only utterances produced at different time in the life time of Mary.




By Dr. Odia A. Ogbebor

My mum recently told me that sometimes your helpers could take the image of those who fight and condemn you. The only prove of your faith in God( surrendering to his will ) is to never give up the fight. Never surrender to no one’s will except God. There is a future your persecutors are helping you build. Even when you think that you are down, the spirit of the Most High is there to pick you up. Just keep moving.

I remember the first time i heard about Ishmael been the sacrificial son and not Isaac from an Islamic program on television. I smiled because it was a odd to me and yet funny. I did not accept it neither did i condemn them due to the understanding that everyone wants to claim a good story to themselves. So i never bothered to know why they thought so. Atleast, there was no need to dig deep into such knowledge until now that i am being questioned in defence of my cause in proving that the muslims are also God’s children and are also saved. And so, they deserve no condemnation.

I went ahead to make my research this time to provide answers to my examiners. Here is the little i have found out.

Hagar which is known as the bond woman, servant of sarah and mother of Ishmael, was the daughter of King Pharoah of Egypt. She chose to be a slave to Sarah when she saw the the wonders God worked through Abraham on her father, King Pharoah. For she said that it is better to go serve the house of Abraham than be a princess in her father’s house. So it is my theory to say that the real intention of Hagar serving the house of Abraham was to get closer to his God and not to get a reward from Abraham nor to be condemned nor looked down on as an inferior or insignificant being. Though she was serving Sarah, but in truth, she was serving God. And in our path to walking closer to God, none should be condemned, nor sidelined, nor looked down on, for we all are his children.

Now we know that Abraham has been childless for several years before he had his first son, Ismael at age 86. And it was 13 years later, at the age of 99, Abraham had his second son, Isaac. But before Ishmael and Isaac was born, Abraham had someone who was like a son to him from a concubine. He is called Eliezer Dam – Meshek. Eliezer was not his biological son as far as the scripture can say and everyother available source i have seen.

Genesis 15:2-5;

But Abram said, ” O lord God, what will you give me, for i continue [a] childless and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus? ” Then Abram said, ” Look, You have given me no offspring; indeed one born in my house is my heir! ” And behold, the word of the Lord came to him saying, ” This one shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body( son ) shall be your heir. ”

Now, when God said i shall make one from your own body( your own son) heir to Abraham, he did not mention a particular son. And the word, Son, could have mean’t just one person if he was blessed with only one son. And for the fact that nations would spring up from the seed of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac are both heirs to the inheritance.

Every sincere heart would understand that the both children may become rivals concerning who takes the greater share of the inheritance. And mothers are always the architect of this act, not the fathers. This is clearly seen in the story of Esau and Jacob. Jacob luring the elder brother Esau to taking the birth right as the first born from him. Their mother was the brain behind it.

Lets look into the world of Sarah and Hagar, utilising our imagination to percieve what it could have been like.

Sarah was the first wife of Abraham, who was his half sister. So after years of trying to produce a child for Abraham and couldn’t, she then asked Abraham to take in Hagar as his wife. Before now, Hagar has been serving Sarah as her maiden. At 86, Abraham had his first seed from Hagar. And he was called Ishmael. If you were to be in Abraham’s shoes, wouldn’t you be exceedingly happy that God has finally given you a son from your own flesh and blood? If you were foretold about the coming of Ishmael, wouldn’t they call it a good-tiding? Is it not a good news?

Most Islamic critics( the christains most especially) claim that the word, good-tidings was only associated to Isaac and not Ishmael. This i cannot agree to. Who in Abraham’s shoes would not be pleased and very happy on having his first child at the age of 86? And not just a child but a son. Would this not give him a relief that his kingdom has been secured in his own flesh and blood? How can this not be a good news to Abraham?

Most of the christains who criticizes who criticizes the Ishmael theory as the sacrificial son, claim that his birth wouldn’t have brought any Joy to Abraham, and so does not deserve to be called a good news. Who can truly support this judgement with a sincere heart?

Here is the verse of the Quran which the present age Islamic scholars used in proving their views that Ishmael is the son to be sacrificed and not Isaac.

Surah 37:99-105

99. He said: “I will go to my Lord! He
will surely guide me
100. “O my Lord! Grant me a
righteous (son)!”
101. So We gave him the good news of
a forbearing son.
102. Then, when (the son) reached
(the age of) (serious) work with him,
he said: “O my son! I have seen in a
vision that I offer thee in sacrifice:
now see what is thy view!” (The son)
said: “O my father! Do as thou art
commanded: thou will find me, if Allah
so wills, one of the steadfast!”
103. So when they had both submitted
(to Allah), and he had laid him
prostrate on his forehead (for
104. We called out to him “O
Abraham! …
105. “Thou hast already fulfilled the
vision!” – thus indeed do We reward
those who do right.

There was a particular time in the old age where some muslims actually accepted the interpretation of the christains concerning the same verses in the Quran. I would not be suprised at their interpretation since my experience with most christains has proven to me that they read and take the message, even of their own scriptures too literally.

The christains who claimed that the verses was refering to Isaac used the sayings in Surah 37:112; which is;

” And we gave him the good news of Isaac- a prophet- one of the righteous. ”

And also in Surah 51:28;

” They said ‘ fear not, ‘ and they gave him glad tidings of a son endowed with knowledge. ”

Now, does it seem to you that the christains and some of the muslims who also believe in this are right concerning the Isaac theory? One is easily tempted to say yes. But lets see a further arguement of the muslims in favor of Ishmael.

” Some points have to be made clear in this concern.

1. It is well known that Abraham got
his first child in his old days (more
than 80 years old). By all means, when
he was given the news of his first son,
Ishmael , the news were great and
not only good. It seems reasonable to
think that the news of having his
second son, Isaac would be equal or
less because in the first time the
surprise factor has certainly increased
his happiness.

2. More to the point, using the same
argument as the opposition, one can
safely say that the sacrificed was
described as forbearing and steadfast
in the Qur’ân and if we search the
whole Qur’ân we will find the name of
Ishmael associated to patience and
steadfastness and not Isaac !

3. Indeed verse 21:85 reads

“And (remember) Ishmael, Idris, and
Zulkifl, all (men) of constancy and
patience “.

Conclusion: The sacrificed is Ishmael
according to the opponent’s own
logic. ”

Do their reasons not satisfy you? Lets see more of what they said again.

” Further scrutiny requires that we
quote the full passage in surah 37: From verse 99-105 has been given above. So we would produce only the remaining verses from 105-113, below.

” 105. “Thou hast already fulfilled the
vision!” – thus indeed do We reward
those who do right.
106. For this was a clear trial-
107. And We ransomed him with a
momentous sacrifice:
108. And We left for him among
generations (to come) in later times:
109. “Peace and salutation to
110. Thus indeed do We reward those
who do right.
111. For he was one of Our believing

112. And We gave him the good news
of Isaac – a prophet,- one of the

113. We blessed him and Isaac: but of
their progeny are (some) that do
right, and (some) that obviously do
wrong, to themselves. ”

It is very obvious that, in this passage,
there are two distinct good news, the
first one about a forbearing son (the
one to be sacrificed) and the second
one about Isaac . Thus, the
sacrificed cannot be Isaac at least
not according to the Qur’ân. But, once
again, the opponent avoided
(willingly?) to quote the full passage
and this is frequently their way of
doing things. Moreover, those who
support that the two news are actually
the same show their incompetence
with the Qur’ânic style. Such a
repetition cannot be imagined nor
accepted by anyone who studied the
Qur’ân, God’s Final Book.

Let us also look at the opinion of Ibn Kathir for further clarification with regard to the exegesis of verse 37:101;

” So we gave him the good news of a forebearing son ”

Then after this, we would look at the biblical view to judge the subject matter.

Here is the translation of the above passage by Ibn Kathir.

” And this son is Ishmael
for he is the first son whose
good news was brought to
Abraham . He is older than
Isaac according to Muslims
and ahl al-kitâb (i.e., the
People of the Book) too. It
is even said in their
Scripture that Ishmael was
born when Abraham was 86
years old and Isaac was
born when Abraham was 99.
In their Scripture as well,
God is said to have ordered
Abraham to sacrifice his
only son and in another
version his firstborn. And,
at this spot, they inserted
falsely the name of Isaac
against the text of their
very Scripture. The reason
they inserted Isaac is that
he is their father whereas
Ishmael is the father of
the Arabs. They added Isaac
out of envy and brushed away
“only son” by saying that
Ishmael and his mother had
already been to Makkah. This
is a mere [farfetched]
explanation since we never
say “only son” except to a
person who hasn’t got but one
son. Moreover, the firstborn
has got a special place [in
the heart of his father] that
is not given to the following
children and the order to
sacrifice him is therefore a
greater test. Some
knowledgeable people were
inclined to say that the
sacrificed was Isaac . This
was reported from some people
of the salaf (i.e. people of
the previous generations) and
it was even reported from
some Companions but [this
opinion] does not have any
bearings from the Book
[i.e., the Qur’ân] nor from
the Sunnah. I think such
opinion was received from the
Rabbis of ahl al-Kitâb as is
without evidence. Moreover,
God’s Book is a witness and
points to the fact that it is
Ishmael because the glad
tiding said that the son was
patient and that he is the
sacrificed. Only afterwards,
He said: “And We gave him
the good news of Isaac – a
prophet,- one of the
Righteous.” and when the
Angels brought the good news
of Isaac to Abraham they
said: ” “Fear not,” and they
gave him glad tidings of a
son endowed with knowledge.”
And the Most High said: ” We
gave her [Sarah] glad tidings
of Isaac, and after him, of
Jacob.” [11:71] meaning that
in the lifetime of Abraham
and Sarah , Isaac will
beget a child that he will
call Jacob implying that
Isaac will have a progeny.
We have already explained why
it is not possible that Isaac
be sacrificed while still
a child i.e., because God
promised them [Abraham and
Sarah] that he will have a
progeny. On the other hand,
Ishmael was described as
forbearing and he fits that

[Note that many commentators
including Ibn Kathîr believe
that “forbearing” does not
fit a child, it can at least
describe teenagers for they
are old enough to be
described as such.]

Now lets see if their opinion have any element of truth in it, utilizing the biblical version.

Genesis 22:2;

Then he said, ” Take now your son, your ONLY SON Isaac, whom you love and go to the land of Moriah and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which i shall tell you. ”

Genesis 22:16

and said: By myself I have sworn says the Lord, because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son, your ONLY SON-

Here are my reasoning questions to the christains.

Why will God address Isaac as the ONLY SON of Abraham? Does it mean that it wasn’t God who gave Ishmael to Abraham? Or has God forgotten that Isaac is the second son of Abraham?

Or could it be that there was only one son in the life of Abraham as at when he was given the order to make such sacrifice? If you say he had one son as at then, who do you think it would have been?

Some may actually still insist that it was because Hagar and her son has been sent out of the house of Abraham, that was why Isaac was refered to as the only son. Verily I say, no sane man can accept this.

A man who has a bastard son( child born out of wedlock ) cannot exclude this son from anyother that he might give birth to within a wedlock( marriage)

Hagar was made the second wife of Abraham according to the instruction of Sarah.

Genesis 16:3;

Then sarai, Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid, the Egyptian, and gave her to her husband Abram to be HIS WIFE, after Abraham had dwelled 10 years in the land of canaan.

This also means that Ishmael was a legal son of Abraham.

Ishmael had lived for 13 years before Isaac was born. And if this is true, do you not think that it would have been a greater loss and pain for Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael when the promise of Isaac hasn’t come?

And lets say we still claim that it was Isaac. What is the gravity of such a test? It would not be really painful to Abraham since he knows he already has a son before Isaac that could still be his heir. So why would God tempt him with a test that more or less proves nothing? Think my friend.

It could be the issue of inheritance that would have made sarah to suggest the departure of Hagar from the house of Abraham. She probably wanted to secure all the inheritance for Isaac. Who can blame her? She is the first wife and desires to exercise her right.

The Egyptian blood in Hagar has made her suffer such condemnation. So it is obvious why the story line would be told to favor Isaac and not Ishmael.

I am yet to see a strong reason why i should disbelief the Quran concerning Ishmael been the son to be sacrificed and not Isaac. If you have a vivid reason to go against this, please share it so that i can learn about it.


1. If we say that the word, ONLY SON actually refered to Isaac, then its either it was his mother Sarah that gave the story( since Isaac was her only son and not to Abraham) or God himself did not know what he was talking about.

2. It
is related that a renowned
traditionalist of Jewish
origin, from the Qurayza
tribe, and another Jewish
scholar, who converted to
Islam, told that Caliph Omar
Ibn cAbd al- c Azîz (717-20)
that the Jews were well
informed that Ismail was the
one who was bound, but that
they concealed this out of



We must go beyond what easily meets the eyes to decode a thing.

– Dr. Odia A. Ogbebor

Apostle paul was a learned man. He was not perfect, having his own flaws too. But he was a man of great understanding, having a good skill in prolific writing. His enlightened mind in knowing how to feed a baby according to its age, made him a man of wisdom. So while he was giving his teachings during his time on earth, his followers majorly the gentiles were able to recieve as much as they could comprehend. And it was the understanding of the babes that gained the population. Those who ascended from the level of babes were truly few. Remember the lords saying; the path to the kingdom of God is always narrow. Only few thread this path.

This few who went higher from the level of babes did not only study the thoughts of paul, but also the thoughts of Jesus whom paul also talked about. And when they started having more access to the words of Jesus which as at that time, many of the population never had access to, they began to be immersed and consumed by the lord’s sayings. By so doing, they were now able to understand the mysteries of christ that paul was always talking about, which ofcourse he didnt share with most of his followers because he sensed that they were not matured enough to recieve it.

As a sign to know that they were not matured enough to recieve it, any amongst them who has recieved more from the words of Jesus and in an attempt to spread it to the others, is immediately called an heretic. They are seen as individuals who teach heresy.

Due to the image of heresy imposed on them, they are condemned, persecuted to death. Their reasonings are suppressed. This is what contributed to the florishing of the philosophy of the babes till this day.

The philosophy of the babes takes the words of paul so literally. They read it like a letter as if it as explicit as it looks to them. They use words like this to justify their ignorance; ” If it makes sense just the way it is written, why try to add to it and make it nonsense? ” This is how they justify themselves. They do not truly understand the depth of his message. They look at his teachings with the material eyes, imagining it physically and not spiritually. A typical example is the word, ” Blood “.

When the word blood is mentioned in the new testament, they begin to imagine it like the physical one. So when they hear a statement like; ” His blood has washed our sins ” , they take it so literally in just the same way pagans, idolaterers, make sacrifice for their gods. Can you not see that this set of christains are practicing paganism?

What they do not know is, the blood stands for the spirit of God. And the spirit of God is the living word of God. And he has told us in Isa 1:18 that we should reason with the word and not just read it. It is reasoning with his word that actually washes away our sins. The washing comes from reflecting on the word of God. When you begin to reason, you seek understanding. And when you understand, you reflect. And when you reflect, you become sad. And by sad countenance, the heart is made better. This is how we shed our old skin and wear a new one. This is the definition of been born again.

If you think that my understanding of the statement explained above is wrong, due to the fact that you may be taking it literally that his blood has already washed our sins away, why then do anyone need to be born again? There would be no need for repentance if his blood has already taken away our sins.

Now, when the lord said that he is the way, the truth and the life.what did he really mean? When he said that he is the only way to the father, what was he truly saying?

John 18:37; pilate therefore said to him,” Are you a king then? ” Jesus answered, ” You say rightly that i am a king. For this cause i was born, and for this cause i have come into the world, THAT I SHOULD BEAR WITNESS TO THE TRUTH. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice. ”

Now, let me begin my reasoning with the phrase of Jesus written in bold letters in the verse stated above; ” that i should bear witness to the truth.” From this phrase, you can see that there is a witness and there is truth. From the lord’s statement, you would see that the truth has been existing even before the beginning of creation. It was the truth that created everything. But only few could percieve it. Many drifted from it. This doesnt mean that the truth never existed and none practiced it. But christ came to point out that pathway of truth to the common people. This common people seem not to have access to the truth. So instead of him coming through a royal family as the jews expected, he came through a peasant family. A family that is almost insignificant in the society. Remember the jews said that what good can come out of nazareth?

The lord went further to say in the verse above that everyone who is of the truth hears his voice. This means that there are people out there who are of the truth. And when they percieve what he is saying, they would know that he speaks the truth. Little wonder Mahatma Gandhi said that; ” I like your christ. But i do not like the followers of christ. ” If he is not of the truth, he would have condemned our lord Jesus.

So when Jesus said that he is the truth, what he meant was that his words are the truth. His reasonings are the truth. His interpretations are the truth. And if anyone, anywhere in the world teaches and practices what he has also taught, that person is also of the truth.

When he said that we should love one another and not hate eachother, this is the truth. If anyone else tells you the same thing to love one another, such person is also telling you the truth. Jesus christ gave to us an image to follow. And he said that if anyone teaches and does what i have also taught and done to you, such individual is also a witness to the truth. If Buddha tells me to love my enemies, has he not told me the truth? If Prophet Muhammad tells me to follow righteousness, is he lying to me?

Following the truth is the way to God. Jesus christ is God’s word. Even prophet muhammad recognised him as the Word of God. The word of God is truth. You cannot get to the father without going through the word of God. And the word of God is in everyone of us. Jesus christ is the Word of God in every mankind. You must seek it out to chase darkness. No one can get to the father except through this way. This was what Jesus meant when he said that no one can come to the father except through him.

How can you get to the father without going through the word of God? How can you get to the father without meditating or reasoning with the Word of God?

The word of God is the kingdom of God. And the kingdom of God resides in you( luke 17:21 ). So seeking the word of God, means looking within. Finding the divine in you. And when you have found the divine, you have found God. This is the only way to the father.

Jesus said that his words are spirit and life. His words is the word of God. The word of God is spirit( those who would worship God must do so in spirit and in truth). It is the kingdom of God in you. So seeking first the kingdom of God in you is seeking life.

The totality of the sparks of God in us is what Jesus christ represented as the way, the truth and the life. And there is no other way than to seek within. Seek the divine. And when you find it, you have found God.

This is how Jesus christ is the way to the father.



” For who can eat, or who can have enjoyment more than I? ”

– Eccl. 2:25

” In the presence of my soulmate, I never starve myself of sex. Under her wings, i can have it on a daily basis. Sometimes, three to four times a day. ”

– Odia A. Ogbebor

It was on saturday, june, 2016 at 5;17pm. I was sitting down outside, within the compound of my home. While in the realm of reasoning, two tiny birds that produces a sound likened to a blown vibrating whistle, standing close to eachother with a few distance apart on the fence surrounding my compound, suddenly caught my attention. Few seconds into the observation, i saw that one of the birds moved closer and climbed the other. The intercourse was as fast as about two seconds. Then the bird came down from the body of the other and moved away again to its initial spot. It was at that instant i knew that the one who made the move was the male.

In approximately 30 seconds, the male went back again and made an intercourse in the likeness of the first. The male repeated the action in similar intervals and duration for up to about six to eight times. Throughout this period, the female never moved an inch from its original spot.

But when the female decided to move which i propose could be due to sexual satisfaction, the male took a halt on his sexual actions. Immediately she limbed for flight, the male followed. And they were both on their way to another side of the world.

Five days before this encounter revealed above, i have been a witness to a different pair of birds and of different specie from the first set described above. They were both building a home at the top corner of a shaded erection close to my apartment. It is amazing to see how one of them stayed at the building site, participating extensively in the construction of the nest, while the other going up and down, delivering the building materials for the construction.

And when both of them are absent from the construction site, i could only imagine that one of the possible action that they may be involved in could be the one described at the beginning of this literature. They could be involved in love making. ( sexual intercourse )

What is the essence or reason for the description of these two scenes given above?

I am a true and honest believer of sex in a lawful union. Lawful union in this context means; Just the same way you want any other man to treat your sister, treat your woman in the same manner. And just the same way you want any other woman to treat your brother, treat your man in the same likeness.

I would be a liar before God and man if i say i do not love sex, even though i do not often think about it. Why should i be ashamed of it? Am i to live to your expectations or God’s expectations? Will you be my judge on the last day? I do not think i should hide what i practice since we are all naked in the eyes of God and the spirits. What you think your neighbor dont know, God knows. And what he cant see, God sees. So i do not need to live my life in pretence with the aim of pleasing your eyes.

I am among the sons of whom the lord is well pleased with. If you doubt it, pray and ask your father in heaven to reveal it to you. If you are truly worthy, you would hear from him.

I do not stop being stimulated at the sight of the curves of my sweetness body. Solomon said that, let the breast of your woman satisfy you.

When i flow with the seduction, it becomes a distraction to my reasoning sessions. Do i really stop reasoning? I do not think so. For what begins to be born in my heart is how to give the sweetest feeling to her sexual nerves. I do not wish to loose a bit of satisfaction from the emotional heat so i give my mind, body and soul to the love making. While thrusting into the vine yard, i do not fail to drop the sounds and words that expresses how i feel inside my soul. In this, we both stay on fire.

Now do any of you feel that these statements are unclean? It is either you have never been into a sexual relationship before or you are living in pretence, an hypocrite, condemning me of making my own known to you. I am a student of truth. I should not be ashamed of what i practice. And to you who have never had a sexual relationship, wait until you get into a lawful union, then you would know if what i do or say is unclean or not. Or do you not understand when paul said in 1 cor 7;9 that; ” but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to BURN with passion ” ?

Self control is sacrifice. And marriage is mercy. And the lord said in hosea 6:6, that i desire mercy and not sacrifice. And the true marriage is not the one that fulfills the outward appearance or physical ceremonies and witness of people. But rather the one that fulfils the inward appearance with the law and the prophets in your heart standing as a witness. And the law has been stated earlier in this literature.

God is not against sex in general. It is in accordance to God’s design that the population of human bodies on the earth is maintained, thanks to sex. Through sexual interactions, people also learn- under the guidiance of the holy spirit- what kind of person they should be and what kind of person they should not be. Sexual relations between people are also a means by which God teaches us love, wisdom and power.

The most general principles of correct behavior in the atmosphere of sexual relations are;

1. Tactfulness – abandonment of egoism, acting not for oneself, but for the sake of the partner, for the sake of mutual harmony.

2. Abandonment of coarseness in emotions, words, deeds, attempts to cultivate in oneself and to the beloved subtle tenderness, which is the most precious emotion on the path to the perfection.

But if one is obsessed with seeking sexual pleasure, having forgotten about everything else, this will be the sin of FORNICATION or ADULTERY and God could point out this mistake for example, by the infliction of venereal diseases.

The story of the birds shows to us how the love eachother, making love and building their home together. They are not in the relationship only for sexual reasons.

Another kind of fornication or adultery is that related to the adequacy of the partner. An adequate partner is not just the one whom you like and who agrees with you and with whom everything goes well( though this is important), but the partner must be completely like-minded person and the closest companion on the path to God the father.

If there is a significant difference in the age of the souls( Age of the soul does not correlate with the age of the body ), in the degree of the renewing of the organism, and sublety of the consciousness, if one of the partners is not firm in following the essential vitamins or better still, balanced diet which is necessary for building the union, such relationship would be a serious obstacle for another partner who is more faithful and close to God. And this will be fornication or adultery from God’s standpoint, i.e, an inadmissible and punishable act.

Sex is sweet. Sex reduces the tension of life struggles. Sex boost your emotional life. Sex should be enjoyed regularly in a lawful union.



Who is like a wise man? And who knows the interpretation of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the sterness of his face is changed.

– Eccl 8:1

It is my believe through a deeper REASONING that the most obvious interpretation of a thing is rarely the cleverest. As a result, i give myself more to a subject matter.

It is a common say amongst we christains that the death of our lord Jesus has taken away our sins. This is a fact and cannot be disputed. But how many of us know the pathway behind his death taking away our sins? Or do we think that there is not a pathway but an automatic process? If we take it as an automatic process, then we have made ourselves murderers, for the letter kills but the spirit gives life.

Only reading the letters puts you in the danger of commiting murder even as you yourself are commiting suicide in the process. But REASONING with it puts you on the pathway of life.

Let me begin my reasoning from a brief interpretation of sin, with the knowledge as derived from Eccl 1:27, that we ought to interpret by adding one thing to the other to find out the REASON.

Sin is dwelling on a thought or action that is percieved to be wrong by the law. And this is a product of ignorance. Sin is the presence of ignorance and absence/ignoring of the knowledge of the law. The true absence of knowledge is to think that you possess the knowledge. Even solomon, in all his wisdom did not comprehend the whole truth. Eccl 7:23; ” All this i have proven by wisdom. I said i will be wise, But it was far from me. ”

But our lord Jesus gave us the truth, a pathway to the fulfillment of the law in Matt 7:12 which says; ” Therefore whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them for this is the LAW AND PROPHETS. ” And by the word of God in Jeremiah 31:33-34, such law is not written in letters of the old but rather in the hearts and minds of men. So going against this law is a sin.

Going against the law is a sin even though you use the name of Jesus to work signs and wonders. Jesus christ is not an antagonist of the law, for he said in Matt 5:17; ” Do not think that i came to destroy the law or the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. ”

So in been christlike, we ought to walk the path of fulfilling the law which the lord has given to us an example.

Sin is blindness from the truth. If you say that you are blind, then you would see and be free from sin. But if you say that you see, then you would become blinded from the truth. Thus, your sin remains with you.

If sin is a product of ignorance, then to heal or take away sin, it must be through the OFFERING OF KNOWLEDGE; THE OFFERING OF THE TRUTH. The truth is the holiest and perfect interpretation of the old testament. The truth is THE WORD OF GOD. And the word of God is JESUS the christ. So when we say Jesus is offered for our sins, what it truly means is, THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD IS OFFERED FOR OUR IGNORANCE. He takes away our ignorance and gives to us his knowledge.

It was the knowledge in the word of God, Jesus, that made him a man of sorrows and grief; Isa 53:3.

What is the link between knowledge and sorrow?

Eccl 1:18; ” For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. ” And it is also written in Eccl 7:3 that; ” Sorrow is better than laughter for by a sad countenance, the heart is made better. ”

The knowledge is from the father. Isa 11:2 says; ” And the spirit of the lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the lord. ”

Our ignorance got him wounded and bruised. But still his perfect love for his brothers and the world made him humbly lay down his life. He took the image of an enemy of God in the eyes of those that claim to be righteous so as to fulfill the scripture that says; ” I desire mercy and not sacrifice and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. ” – Hosea 6:6. Through this, we realised that we are friends with God and not enemies as those who claimed to be righteous wanted us to believe.

For the establishment of the perfect interpretation of the old testament, a spotless blood is shed, making the flesh of the Word of God, Jesus, to be the lamb of God.

Now that we know that we are friends with God and not enemies, we must begin to act on the sayings of our lord Jesus since we know that he is the Word of God. For he said in Matt 7:24; ” Therefore whoever hears this sayings of mine and does them, i will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And verse 26 says; ” But everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. ”

In the end, his death was to offer us the truth, the knowledge of God so that our ignorance can be taken away. Since we all have known him, we should begin to REASON wit him( the Word of God ), though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isa 1:18. But first, be willing to REASON with him and your sin or ignorance would be taken away.




How long will the children of the Most high be misunderstood? How long will his messangers and prophets be mocked and condemned to death? How long will you who hold the truth be looked upon like the servant of the devil? Why are we forsaken and called unbelievers?

I look into the world and see that i am not alone, just the same way you now know that you are not alone. In the pursuit of merging with the word of God, we have learn’t to walk alone. We set time apart to reason with the word in us as commanded by the lord in Isa 1:18, which says that; ” come now lets reason together saith the lord. ”

Then we go out and give to the world what has been given to us by our father who art in heaven. The world claims to be the sons of our father. And yet they do not accept what has been given to us by their father. By their own will, they have made us the rejected stone. But by the will of our father, we have become the chief corner stone. We speak of what we understand, but they speak of what they do not understand. And yet, they claim to know better.

Do we not atimes play the role of the fool to see what they can indeed teach us so that we can become as wise as they are? Have they been able to give us anything outside been offended, fighting us blindly as they did to our lord Jesus christ? They desire us to surrender to their ignorance. If our life was in their will, they would have willed us to death. But it is written that heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall remain for eternity. And because we have surrendered to the will of the word, we believe through our merging with the word of God that we shall live forever. For he said that as many that believes in him, he shall give to them everlasting life.

Do we sound sick, let them heal us. Do we sound confused, let them show us the path. Do they address us as unbelievers, let them give to us the understanding of their belief so that we can follow after. Do they think that we are sleeping, let them wake us up. They say to us that our words are too hard to chew. But we say to them that their minds are too filled up to learn anything more.

Be of cheerful heart O ye voice of the Most high. It is not you who speak, but the Most high who speaks through you. It is not you they condemn, but God that they condemn. It is not you that they fight. They fight the Most high. It is not you they reject. It is God our father that they reject. Who can defeat God? No one can defeat you with our father by our side. We are the children on the lord’s side. We are hidden under his wings been shielded from the wickedness of this world. By the word of God, we are made humble like the lamb. But our courage and fury is like that of a lion. Who is he that says a thing against us which the lord has not permitted? In his truth, we are guided at all sides.

Do not shrink from the task saith the word of God.Keep on moving knowing that you have already arrived at where he wants you to be.

May the love of our father through the word of God abide with us all forever. Amen.



” And indeed, we gave moses the book and followed him up with a succession of messangers. And we gave Jesus, the son of mary, clear signs and supported him with Gabriel [ what muslims refer to as the holy spirit ]. Is it that whenever there came to you a messanger with what you yourselves desire not, you grew arrogant? Some of you disbelieved and some of you killed. ”
– Surah 2:87

There are some people, most especially the christains who claim to be the true believers of christ, and yet, know nothing about believing in Jesus Christ. Their believe in Jesus Christ is only seen theoretically, but unseen practically. They become too arrogant, and thus blinded from the truth. There are others amongst them that has discovered the truth. But for their fear of been tagged an unbeliever, they have chosen to remain in their shells. Our heavenly Father knows all things and has seen you just the way you are.

What does it mean to believe in Jesus? How does believing in Jesus gives you eternal life?

The principal reason why we believe in anyone is to accept what the person is saying to us. For if we don’t accept the words, how then have we believed in the person?

When we say we believe in Jesus Christ, what it truly means is that we believe or accept his words. And when you accept his words, you don’t only hear them, but also do them. It is in doing the words that we reap the dividends. Remember that the Lord Jesus said that his words are spirit and life. If you say that you believe in him, and you don’t act on his words, how then do you expect to reap eternal life? You Fool yourself, if you think that there is a cheap or short cut to reaping eternal life. The lord Jesus Christ said that those who believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life. If you say you believe in him, you listen to him. And when you listen, you begin to act on his words. And when you do them, you shall not perish.

Why did the lord Jesus Christ say we should believe in him? Is he the one that is actually giving us the eternal life?

In John 7:16, it is written; ” Jesus answered them and said, My doctrine is not mine, but that of him that has sent me. ”

In John 14:23-24, Jesus also said that ” If anyone loves me, he will keep my word and my father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me does not keep my words; and the word which you hear is NOT MINE but the father that sent me. ”
John 12:44, gives us a clearer picture. ” And Jesus cried out and said; ” He who believes in me, DOES NOT BELIEVE IN ME, but in him who sent me. ”

The words of Jesus Christ are spirit and life. They give eternal life to the doers of his words. His words are filled with grace and truth. It is amazing to realize that his words which gives all those benefits are not of his own making but the making of the his father that lives in him. This is why Jesus Christ is refered to as the WORD OF GOD[ The word that became flesh and dwelled amongst men ]. Did the word of God just came into existence during the time of Jesus Christ on earth? No! It has been in existence right from the beginning of creation. This is why we say that Jesus Christ has been existing right from the beginning of all things. He also remains the end of all things. Prophet Muhammad which some christains have demonized recognised Jesus Christ as the word of God.

In Surah 7:158; it is written, ” O mankind! verily, I am sent to you all as a messanger of God to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. It is he who gives life and cause death. So believe in his messanger Muhammad who can neither read nor write, who believes in God and his words[ The Quran ], the Torah[ Law of God given to moses ], and the gospel [ Scriptures of the christains ] and also GOD’S WORD: ” BE “- and he was, i.e, JESUS, son of mary, and follow him so that you may be guided. ”

So you see that Muhammad was not an antagonist of our lord Jesus Christ. It was the followers of christ during his time that made him look like an antichrist. It is also similar to how some people look at me too. I have also been called the anti christ by ignorant christains. Even Jesus Christ during his time on earth was accused of possessing a demon in him. He was addressed as an unbeliever[ SAMARITAN ]. In truth or deeper revelation, it is the word of God i.e, the CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD IN JESUS CHRIST, that gives eternal life.
When Jesus Christ said that no one can come to the father except through him, what he truly meant was that no one can come to the father except through the WORD OF GOD. How can you get to the father if not through his word?

The equality of Jesus Christ and God the father lies not in the flesh but in the spirit, for the consciousness of God in Jesus is what is equal to God the father. All flesh must be in submission to God. And Jesus Christ examplified this by abandoning his own will for the will of his father in heaven. This is the submission of the flesh to God’s cause.

Surah 3:52 says; ” Then when Jesus came to know of their disbelief, he said, ” Who will be my helpers in God’s cause? The disciples said; ” We are the helpers of God; we believe in God and bear witness that we have submitted to God. ”

In the end, the true believers of christ are the true believers of God. For believing in Christ means acting on his words, practicing what he was practicing, knowing that when you act on his words, it is the word of God you are acting on. When you believe in him, it does not necessarily his flesh that you believe in[ for man is not a body but a consciousness ], but rather he that sent him. If you believe in God, you have already believed in Jesus Christ. And if you believe in Jesus, you have already believed in God.








” Interpretation of the law lies in reasoning with your own conscience and not the conscience of another man. This is the law of faith in Christ Jesus ( the truth ). And it is accounted to those who believe for righteousness. ”

– Odia Ogbebor.

There are alot of christains this days that have gone completely astray from the teachings of christ due to their poor understanding of the meaning of having faith in christ or the gospel of christ, which the muslims refer to as the Injeel. They think that having faith in christ directly means the abolishment of the law. And the thoughts of being lawful is not christlike. But these sets of christains have forgotten that the christ they claim to have faith in said that on the last day, he would deny most of them who did signs and wonders in his name due to the fact that they were practising lawlessness.

Being lawful does not necessarily mean following the laws of God given to moses or what is refered to as the torah in Islam. But rather proving the works of the law written in your heart, your conscience bearing you a witness. It is when you do not listen to your conscience debate on what is lawful or unlawful that you become a man practicing lawlessness. (Ref: Romans 2:15)

When you listen to your conscience, you become the law and not that written in letters or on stones. Remember that the letter killeth, due to absence of reasoning. But the spirit giveth life due to the presence of reasoning. How do i know this?

There were several times in the scriptures(Injeel) when Jesus Christ performed miracles on the sabbath day, which is believed by the pharisees and scribes to be against God’s law given to moses. So the pharisees accused him of breaking the law. Does it mean that Jesus Christ was lawless? Certainly not! He was simply able to apply reasoning to the law which most people during his time on earth were afraid to do. The people left the power of reasoning only in the hands of the scribes and pharisees which ofcourse is similar to what happens in our today’s world; people vomiting only what their pastors, leaders in their church or Imams in their mosque, have given to them. They cannot reason by themselves. They are afraid to think the unthinkable.

Jesus Christ aim was to give back the power of reason to the people by offering them the truth, through the proper interpretation of the law which resides in the heart and not on stones, so as to set them free from their hypocritic leaders who were only after themselves.

Whenever Jesus was accused of breaking the law of keeping the sabbath day holy, he quickly offers to them a reasoning question to challenge them to tell the truth or remain silent. One out of the two instances he gave a reasoning question in Matt 12:1-12, was when a man asked him about healing on the sabbath day. And the lord said to them;(Matt 12:11-12), ” What man is there among you who has one sheep, and if it falls into a pit on the sabbath, will not lay hold of it and lift it out? Or how much value then is a man than a sheep? Therefore it is lawful to do good on the sabbath.”

So you see that Jesus Christ was not breaking the law, but only giving the right interpretation of the law with the application of reasoning. Freedom lies in the proper interpretation of the law which is the truth. For when you know the truth through the proper interpretation of the law by the application of reasoning, you become free.

Interpretation of the law lies in reasoning with your own conscience and not the conscience of another man. For what is lawful to you may be unlawful to another man, and vice-versa.

With respect to interpretation of the law by reason, lets analyse one of the common law of God that says, ” thou shall not kill. ”

Killing a fellow man like yourself does not sound right. But what if you were a soldier and you were sent to the warfront, would the killing of your enemy become a sin? When you kill your enemy at a warfront, have you broken God’s law? Certainly not! When the law is void of reason, it enslaves. But where reasoning is applied, freedom rules. Reasoning is of the spirit which gives life.

Christainity is not about been lawless or the abolishment of the law, but rather fulfilling and establishing the law at heart in the presence of the conscience which is the seat of judgement.



By Odia Ogbebor
(Researcher on the study of religion reconciliation)

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” If an idea presents itself to us, we must not reject it simply because it does not agree with the logical deductions of a reigning theory. ”

– Claude Bernard, An introduction to the study of experimental Medicine, 1813.

There are some percentage of people who KNOW that they THINK. This is not an error. Where the error truly lies is in the reality that; they THINK that they KNOW.

To know that you think is not evil. Infact, it is the first step to the path of enlightenment. But to think that you know brings termination to your progressive steps.

There are others who dont think that they know, but are simply afraid to dig deep. They do not want to encounter a knowledge that may change all they have known before. So they keep themselves within a specific boundary. Since they would not expand their boundaries by feeding on the food sent from above, others also around them should do the same. They dont want the knowledge. Others should also not want it. So they fight the source of knowledge, the messanger from the almighty. In this kind of reality, ignorance becomes the ruler of the day. And where ignorance rules, bigots, fools and slaves are the leaders and subjects of such kingdom.

What are you afraid of? What you claim to know, is it not the truth? If what you have is the truth, then you should not be afraid to look into the lies you think another man is saying. To every lie he passes across, test all with reason. Do not be too filled up to acquire more. And do not be afraid to loose what you think you have now. You never can tell, you may be replacing it with a better and brighter one. Embrace reasoning, remembering that those who will not reason are bigots, those who cannot are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves, as said by Lord Byron.

I am aware that most christains may take me for a foolish personality to think that Jesus Christ was a muslim. They may say i am blind, unknown to them that they are the ones indeed blind. Run away from pride and yield to humility so that the truth can be revealed to you right before your eyes.

When you ask these set of christains who a muslim is or the meaning of Islam, they would not produce for you an answer. They simply do not know. And most of them do not care to know. And because they do not know nor care to know, they cant understand how Jesus Christ was a muslim.

The same goes to some set of muslims. When you ask them who a christain is or the meaning of christainity, they also dont know. And so, due to this fact, they cant understand how Prophet Muhammad was a christain.

There are some christains who would not just want to associate Muhammad with christainity or permit Jesus Christ to be associated with Islam. And there are muslims who would also not want to associate Jesus Christ to Islam nor permit Muhammad to be associated with christainity.

The word Islam means; ” Surrender to God ” when translated into English Language. And the word Muslim means; ” Someone who has surrendered to God “.

Now, to the christains, lets assume you have never heard of the word, muslim or islam and you do not even know whether it is a religion or not. Someone then approaches you and tells you that you behave like someone that has surrendered to God and not like those who think more of their own will. Will you be offended with the person’s comment? Or do you not know that abandoning your own selfish thoughts for the thoughts of God is what is meant by surrendering to God? If your thought tells you to kill, what is God’s thought on killing? If God said dont kill and you obeyed, have you not surrendered to God’s will? Is a true follower of christ not suppose to surrender to the will of God? Or have you not heard on several occasions in the scriptures that Our Lord Jesus said that he did not come to the world to do his own will, but the will of his father who sent him? Is this not an act of surrender or submission to God? Did Our Lord Jesus not say that when you believe in him, it not him that you believe in, but the father who sent him into the world?

When you submit yourself to God, he gives you authority over yourself and the world. This was perfectly examplified by Jesus Christ. His flesh was under submission to God. And that was why he said that it is the spirit that quickens, while the flesh profits nothing. And because of the father in him which is equal to the spirit of christ, due to perfect submission and mergeance with the father, he was given the authority to lay his body to death and raise it up.

So you see, to surrender or be in submission to God ought not to be called a religion. It is simply a way of life and so a true follower of christ ( which we call christain ) is suppose to be in submission to God. A muslim is someone who surrenders to God. And Jesus Christ during his time on earth, surrendered to God. This makes JESUS CHRIST A MUSLIM BY WAY OF LIFE. Islam ought not to be called a religion. But due to the general level of human development, it was called so.

Do a higher thinker in christainity not know that christainity is not a religion but a way of life? Can you not also see that the same goes to Islam? But this does not dispute the fact that some christains still treat christainity as a religion and some still treat Islam as a religion.

Islam is not something that started years after christainity as the world generally sees it. It has always been a way of life right from the beginning of creation, i.e, all things were in submission to God, including Adam. It was when Islam( surrender to God ) became a recognised name during the time of Muhammad that it began to take the shape of a religion. In the beginning, it was not so.

How about christainity? It is not something that also started years before Islam. It has also been the right way to access the father right from the beginning of creation. A true believer of christ should understand that Our Lord Jesus came to point and bring to our remembrance the right path to God. HE DID NOT COME TO CREATE HIS OWN DOCTRINE. For he said that his doctrine is not his, but of his father who sent him. God our father did not come into existence at the time of Jesus Christ on earth. He has been existing even before the time of creation. THIS MEANS THAT CHRISTAINITY AS A WAY OF LIFE IS AS OLD AS ADAM AND EVE. Even during the time Jesus Christ was on earth, he never called his teachings christainity. It was after his death it was called so. It was men who created the name and looked upon it as a religion. In the beginning, it was not so.

Now to the muslims, did Prophet Muhammad not say to you that you must believe in all prophets? Did he not say also in several verses of the Quran that you should also believe in the scriptures?

Muhammad said it clearly that he believes in Jesus Christ and also recognises him as the Word of God – Surah 7:158. A christain is a believer of christ by way of life( which signifies more of your behavior than your beliefs). And if Muhammad also believes in christ, this makes him a christain by way of life.

If this knowledge could be as simple as you see it now( i.e, to you who have truly come to the understanding which ofcourse is given to you by God ), why then the followers of both teachers from God fight eachother as if they now know more than the teachers themselves? Why do we crave for superiority as if there is any who is more superior?




” How well you do in your creative steps that leads to your destiny, rests on the influence of enzymes that catalyses those steps ”

– Odia Ogbebor

For any biological organism – in this regard man, to stay alive, energy must be supplied through chemical reactions in our metabolic pathways. And this energy must be generated from the catalysis of chemical reactions. Without catalysis, reactions are likely not to occur. And even if they do, they will occur very slowly in a pace that is almost insignificant to the proper functioning of biological systems.

Catalysis are carried out by catalyst. And for the sake of this literature, we will focus on the reaction catalyst of biological systems. Enzymes are exceedingly great catalyst and are much more unique/perculiar with respect to other synthetic and inorganic catalyst. They are also highly specialised proteins. Enzymes have high degree of specificity in their relationship with substrates. I.e, they can discriminate between the substrate they are made to bind and any other molecule. This is made possible due to the presence of functional groups in the amino acid sequence that makes up the enzyme. This functional groups binds only to the corresponding functional group in the substrate. Enzymes also have the ability to function in aqueous with very mild conditions of temperature and PH.

Enzymes also help in the acceleration of the breakdown of nutrients, conservation and transformation of chemical energy in our metabolic pathways. The breakdown of nutrients facilitated by enzymes leads to the formation of intermediates. And this intermediates could serve as precursors to the formation of other intermediates. For example; pyruvate which is begotten from the breakdown of glucose through glycolysis pathway can also lead to the production of lactate ( under anaerobic conditions ), which is an intermediate/substate to pyruvate. The enzyme, lactate dehydrogenase facilitates/catalyses the conversion of pyruvate to lactate. And lactate could also serve as a precursor in gluconeogenesis pathway ( production of glucose from non-carbohydate substrates ), leading also to the production of other intermediates.

The study of enzymes is highly crucial to life. In medicine, most inheritable disorders in man is due to deficiency or excess activity of an enzyme. For instance, In Norum’s disease, there is the deficiency of LCAT ( Lecithin-cholesterol acyl transferase ). This enzyme is responsible for the transfer of acyl group from lecithin to cholesterol. If this group is not transfered, esterification of chelesterol cannot occur. This would lead to increase in free cholesterol. Large number of enzymes are been used for diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases. This is the major focus of CLINICAL ENZYMOLOGY.


Enzymes are proteins. But a small group of catalytic RNA molecules which also act as enzyme are not protein in nature. The catalytic activity or ability of an enzyme depends on the structure of its amino acid sequence, i.e, the protein conformation. If an enzyme is broken down into its constituent amino acid, it will loose its catalytic powers or ability. This therefore shows the importance of the structures of protein – Primary, secondary, tertiary and quatenary, and its vitality to the function and responsibilities of an enzyme.

In carrying out their responsibilities, some enzymes, utilising only their amino acid residues can carryout their catalytic activities without the assistance of any additional chemical group. However, there are others who require the assistance of these chemical groups for their total functioning. This chemical groups arises from one or more inorganic ions called COFACTOR. E.g, Iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, etc. Or it could arise from a complex organic or metalloorganic molecule called COENZYME. When a coenzyme is even covalently bond to an enzyme,such coenzyme is called a PROSTHETIC GROUP. And a prosthetic group is a molecule that is permanently attached to a protein, contributing to its functionality.

The complex formed by the prosthetic group and the catalytically active enzyme is called HOLOENZYME. And the protein part constituting this complex is called APOPROTEIN or APOENZYME.

Enzyme( apoprotein ) + Coenzyme( prosthetic group&non-protein ) ——————> Holoenzyme.


As earlier said; a reaction can occur in productive and useful rate only under the influence of a catalyst. And an enzyme is a biological catalyst.

Enzymatic catalysis is a mechanism used in the reduction of the activation energy of biological molecules. Inorder to reduce the activation energy of a substrate to be acted upon by an enzyme, such enzyme provides FREE ENERGY through its binding relationship with the substrate.

The catalytic and binding relationship with the substrate is possible only in the substrate REACTION TRANSITION STATE. The transition state ensures that the substrate is structurally fit ( induced fit ) to the enzyme. If the substrate does not move into its transition state, the catalytic effect of the enzyme becomes useless. This is because the perfectly complementary interaction between the substrate and the enzyme, keeps the substrate firmly in its reactant state.

The binding relationship/energy is due to the weak interactions between the enzyme and the substrate. This weak interactions increases the specificity and provide the free energy needed to lower the activation energy of the substrate.

Activation energy is a vital quality of biological molecules. Without it, chemical reactions would occur sponteneously without control. So activation energy serves as a barrier to prevent the uncontrolled breakdown of macro molecules to their various micro constituents. But too much control created by a very high activation energy can lead to the paralysis of biochemical pathways in a cell. For instance, lets assume that the activation energy of glucose is so high, to the extent that it cant be broken down to glucose 6 phosphate, which is an endergonic reaction, the glycolysis pathway, to some extent, would be affected. And glycolysis is an energy yielding pathway. But for this pathway to proceed smoothly, the activation energy must be reduced by the coupling of an exergonic reaction( hydrolysis of ATP ) to release inorganic phosphate to glucose, and the action of the enzyme; Hexokinase. This processes help to provide the free energy necessary to lower the activation energy.

Enzyme helps through its binding energy to reduce the activation energy by firstly reducing the entropy(degree of randomness) of the substrate. This act is of necessity due to the fact that it is almost impossible to create a perfect collision of molecules in a system that possesses a high entropy. By reducing the entropy, it places the substrate in the active site of the enzyme, positioning the amino acid residues in the enzyme to interact with the functional group in the substrate.

When the weak interactions has been created between the enzyme and the substrate, it begins to replace the hydrogen bonded water, i.e, the hydrogen bond created between the substrate and the water. The enzyme interactions replaces the water interactions with the substrate, thus increasing the entropy of water. This act is called DESOLVATION OF THE SUBSTRATE.

To be continued…….